Inspired to make a change. Determined to make it matter.

“I love fitness, give a lot, and have an active lifestyle. Plus, I like to look good while living my life! Skye Sportswear Box was born out of the desire to help others to look good during their active lives while giving back to those that need it the most….. The more I learned about fair trade, sex trafficking, and hungry families– the more I knew what I had to do….”

Embrace Fashion. Empower Women.

Fashion-forward sportswear and activewear giving back through fair-trade efforts and worthy causes. Every box contains a fair-trade product and beauty item!

If you are interested in giving with passion in the name of fashion, then you have arrived to the right place! We even offer fair trade high-end items to appease everyone’s taste and style. Skye Sportswear is all about helping others while looking good. We call it Fitness Clothes for a Cause.

Our Fashionistas

Our team of personal stylists will take the information they gather during your stylist quiz to specially hand-curate your box. You can feel good knowing they are ethically and socially conscious people who rock the fashion scene and give back too! And they never charge a styling fee. Ever!

Featured Brands

Why Skye Sportswear Box?

“I would see subscription boxes with either yoga wear, fair trade or beauty items, but never a box combined to help a cause and to empower women while staying fashionable.” – Erin DiNapoli.

With Skye Sportswear Box, you get the best of both worlds – activewear, fair trade and beauty products combined in the same box so you can put your entire look together with ease! Every purchase gives to both hungry families and contributes to efforts made not only to empower women, but to stop sex trying to globally..