Here at Skye Sportswear, we care. We are a delivery company of fitness apparels of varying styles covering activewear and yoga clothing made for all women.

All pieces are hand-curated with care. All purchases benefits fair trade brands empowering women and feeding hungry families.

The products we pack in Skye Sportswear boxes not only look great but they are going great things too.

We believe the world needs more warmth, love, and warm fuzzies to become a better connected world.

We wanted to do more than just care and believe, so we decided to show it by making each and every purchase a part of giving.

We also spend the time to find the brands that are socially conscious to purchase from.

This way you know EVERY dollar spent at Skye Sportswear serves a greater purpose.

When you buy from us, you are getting clothes that give back. Not only does our brands give back, we do too!

Did you know over 40 million Americans are struggling with hunger every day? According to Feeding America 12 million of these people are children!

We don’t think this is okay. We want to make a difference that matters where hunger is concerned.

We want every child and every adult to have the food they need on a daily basis.

When you purchase from us- you are helping to meet this goal so you can feel extra good about the money you spent.

We passionately give to by donating 5 meals to hungry families for every 10 Skye Sportswear boxes sold.


All purchases also directly enable women to work through fair trade partnerships.

These companies empower women and helps to keep them off the street, and away from human traffickers.

Fair trade brands go above and beyond just paying their workers a fair wage too.

Our fair trade activewear and products come in multiple styles, have wearability, are high performance, and have the freedom to move.

They actually invest in the lives of their workers, including offering education and certification programs.

They make sure workers are in safe, pleasant work environments.

We work with numerous fair-trade companies that are responsible for helping to better the world and international trade practices alike.

Let’s take a look at some of the businesses Skye Sportswear Box clothes come from:

Manduka- Their product design is rooted in efforts to minimize environmental waste.

They have been working hard to reduce global consumption by ensuring they make their products high quality and made to last.

KiraGrace- Elegance with edge. Fashion quality-ethical manufacturing is central to what KiraGrace stands for.

A portion of products are made using green, sustainable fabrics that are from recycled, organic materials.

Terez- All products are produced in the United States.

They boast that you are joining a movement of independent and strong spirits who are always exhibiting signs of self-expression and confidence when you buy their products.

Terez is known to be a champion of female empowerment.

Fair Anita

Fair Anita is a social enterprise that exists to create opportunities for women and girls, selling trendy (and affordable!) fair trade products made by over 8,000 talented yet marginalized women in 9 countries. In other words, we are women investing in other women.
In 9 countries around the world, we partner with female artisan collectives and provide them with fair wages, long-term employment and business development opportunities.
By paying artisans at two or three-times+ the minimum wage, we generate income for women that helps them respond to violent gender dynamics in their community.
By committing to reliable partnerships, we help our partners grow their businesses and provide more women with paths to economic independence.
By connecting resilient and talented artisans with new markets and customers, we’re helping women be leaders in their communities.
We aim to create a community of women who celebrate, support, and invest in one another’s success, building a world where we can all thrive, no matter our geography.

Sari Bari


With each Sari Bari purchase, you’re making an investment in one woman’s life—creating a way for her to engage in fair and fulfilling work. Women receive paid training, Well Woman Check ups, School Support for their kids, Health Insurance and Retirement benefits.


Sari Bari’s social business model is facilitated by both a for-profit business in India and 501(3)c nonprofit in the U.S. Together, the two entities work hand-in-hand for the benefit of the artisans.

When a customer purchases a Sari Bari product, a woman receives fair wages, health insurance and retirement benefits for her work.  Individuals may also choose to donate to the nonprofit  through tax-deductible gifts which expand Sari Bari’s capacity to offer economic, social, and educational opportunities to the employees of Sari Bari and their children. Through this partnership, the women of Sari Bari make their own life choices and achieve sustainable freedom.