About Skye Sportswear

Skye Sportswear is a brand new fitness subscription box company, launched in 2019. We’ve provided super services for activewear, fair trade and beauty products in the past. Now we want to take the fitness experience to another level. For years we’ve built contacts within the industry. Whether it be fitness business owners, brand ambassadors for the biggest sportswear names out there, or just regular people who love the healthy lifestyle, we’ve paid attention to it all. Closely. These are our fitness boxes, featuring a little bit of everything we’ve learned along the way. We’ve taken our knowledge of fitness and packed it all into a monthly box. Everything is hand-picked. Tested and tried by our team of passionate experts. We bring our favorite healthy accessories to your door for a price that barely scratches the value of the goodies inside! Though we include premium quality fitness gear, these boxes have also been designed with a little bit of our company ethos in mind as well.

Get Healthy with Skye Sportswear

We’ve bought fitness boxes in the past – packed out with branded goods and little else. Tacky accessories that fall apart and protein bars that taste a little…off. It’s time for something different. We include top brand products, though we do hand-pick every single one of our products. If a product doesn’t cut when it hits our QA team…you won’t find it in your box, brand or no brand. We have the fitness world on tap. We search for products every day and learn new things all the time. One piece of activewear will be out-classed by a new release, a protein shake is replaced by a better mix, or an accessory becomes outdated. We step in and make sure your next box features the best product.

Quality Guaranteed

One thing we have learned is how many of these top branded fitness products aren’t as great as they seem. It’s our job, as your personal trainer in a box, to make sure that you’re getting gear that’s worth the cost. Every product is tested. We wear and workout in the activewear, we taste the yummy protein snacks to make sure they’re yummy, and see just how much the fitness accessories benefit our exercise. If it’s not worth our time, it’s not worth yours. Guaranteed quality at an amazing prize. Beyond our quality assessment, we also make sure our products give back to the parts of society where it matters most. Whether it be support for veterans, hearing aids for the deaf, supporting the women in the countries where many of these products come from, and looking for fair trade products wherever we can find them, Skye Sportswear is committed to the perfect fitness box for everyone.