Do I have to purchase a box? Can I buy things individually?

No. We have a full store of items available! Visit the store here.


I want to purchase a one-time gift box. Can I do that?

Yes! We want your family and friends to love Skye Sportswear too! You can order a one time gift by clicking here. Link to one time purchase page.


How does every box benefit people?

For every 10 boxes bought, the owner has pledged to donate 5 meals to hungry families through the Feed America program.

All fair-trade items purchased by Skye Sportswear are hand-made by women, helping to empower them and stop sex-trafficking.


What does fair-trade mean?

Fair-trade items are those that are made with ethics, quality, and fair labor standards in the workplace around the world. Fair-trade is the partnership based on transparency, dialogue, and respect that is seeking better equity and trading conditions worldwide.


Is shipping free?

Shipping is $7 Continental USA and costs $14 for Canada