Our Subscription Box is the first box to combine, Yoga Wear or Active Wear with Fair Trade and Beauty or Accessories. We want to get to know you better so that is why we created a quiz to learn more about your active lifestyle. Who would want to receive a patterned legging if they prefer plain leggings? I know we wouldn’t want that. So make sure to give us as much detail as possible and if you need to email us extra details sure that’s no problem. We want to stand by each and every one of you that is what makes us different then other companies. Every box sent to your door step will have a higher value then what you are paying. We can’t give it to you as cheap as other box companies because we make sure to add the latest styles in your box. We promise never to have old stock in your box. Another fact about why we can’t give our box away for less is because we stand behind the fair trade brands and the Women who hand make these terms you receive need to make a living to get off the streets and create a better life for their families. We do not ask these companies for a bigger discount. Information about some of the fair trade companies is on the we care page. Then link we care page that here.